Ladies Spanking Link
hey can i draw a pic for you?


Absolutely. I encourage all my followers to draw pictures for this blog.

I’ve always wanted to see a picture of human Midna spanking Young Link. Would be awesome if you could do that. I’d also really like Saria spanking Link, or Princess Ruto scolding him for not marrying her, while Link rubs his bare red bottom.

Do more

I just post what I find or is submitted to me. It’s up to the kind denizens of the internet to provide these pictures.

Does link love being spanked by women

I don’t think so. In many of these pictures, he seems to be crying. But maybe he knows a spanking is the only way he’ll learn.

((Hi there! This is the anon who wrote down the 'Guardian's Love' Zelda fanfic and the new SSBM spankfic. Do you play Kingdom Hearts?))

I never played Kingdom Hearts, though I probably should since I really like Disney. It’s definitely on my list for when I have a chance to start playing video games again.

Hey in the drawing I'm doing, did you want it to be a young Zelda?

I’d rather it be adult Zelda and young Link.

Bad boys, sore butts.

Bad boys, sore butts.

You're very welcome :) I'll do one with Midna and one with Ruto. Just a heads up they might be a little bad because 1 I haven't really drawn any LoZ characters because I just became a fan two months ago and 2 because I haven't really drawn spanking pictures before

It’s cool. I’m glad I’ve given you material that’ll give you practice as an artist.

Hey it's the anonymous person from last month. I've decided to do a couple pictures for you to add to your site. Who would you like to see spanking Link? I'll do more than one picture if you want.

Dude, you’re awesome!

So I’ve always wanted to see a picture of human Midna spanking Young Link bare bottom over her knee. This is definitely my most wanted at the moment. Zelda can be watching and either smiling or looking nervous because she’s next.

I’d also love one of Saria spanking Link while the other Kokiris watch and laugh.

And one of Princess Ruto spanking him, and scolding him for not marrying her.

I’d also like more cross-overs. Princess Peach, Samus Aran, even Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5.

Any of these would be great. Thanks so much for offering this.